I acquired a hoax scholastic paper about exactly how British politicians wipe their bums posted

I acquired a hoax scholastic paper about exactly how British politicians wipe their bums posted

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Royal Holloway

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I’d just exactly what seemed like instead a good clear idea a couple weeks right straight back. Building on some prominent findings in social psychology, we hypothesised that politicians regarding the right would wipe their bum using their remaining hand; and that politicians in the left would wipe making use of their right hand.

Ludicrous? Yes – absolutely. But also for when my goal wasn’t to perform a bona fide study. Rather, i desired to see if any “journal” would publish my ass-wiping “findings”.

For folks who haven’t yet encounter the definition of, “predatory journals” are becoming a little bit of a nuisance in technology. They earnestly masquerade as genuine main-stream journals, usually with comparable designs and names – although they most likely have basically zero threshold for book, despite typically claiming to work with rigorous peer review procedures. Many academics will understand the discomfort of getting numerous spam e-mails a day soliciting manuscripts or welcoming anyone to join editorial panels of unknown journals. A lot more importantly, however, these predatory journals are undermining the credibility of clinical publishing since the research they publish is apparently largely unvetted. Continue reading